Perrysburg Stands Up!

Welcome to Perrysburg Stands Up!

We’re so glad you’re here and interested in learning more about our group! We are a rapidly expanding, well organized and informed group of parents, teachers, students and citizens in and around Perrysburg, Ohio who have come together out of concern for the education of our children.  The landscape of the public education system has changed in recent years with a new focus on incorporating ideas, theories, policy and practices that reach far beyond striving for excellence in core academic subjects of History, Math, Science and English. Individually, many have taken their concerns about this new direction to principals, the superintendent and elected members of the board with little to no avail.  Therefore, we have come together to create a collective voice for our community to speak up and out about these changes and their harmful effect on our children and our individual liberties.  We hope you will join us in helping our district truly blaze trails and accomplish their mission – Ensuring ALL Students Achieve Their Greatest Potential!


  • Reclaiming the integrity of education
  • Protecting the innocence of our children
  • Retaining the legal rights of parents and children (educationally & medically)
  • Transparency of curriculum, training and programs throughout our district
  • Fiscal responsibility of taxpayer dollars by our board and administration


  • Political and social indoctrination (transformative Social Emotional Learning and tenants of CRT)
  • The sexualization of our children
  • Mandates (mask & vaccine) that prohibit parents and guardians from choosing what is in their child’s best interest