Members of our community feel their voices aren’t being heard when raising concerns about the direction of our school district, so we’ve provided an opportunity for them to be shared here.

Technology Restriction Concerns

We moved here from central Ohio in 2018. My children started school in 6th and 8th grade. There was an immediate persona in Perrysburg of perfection and wealth but I didn’t notice the blatant disregard for my children until my son became a freshman. He had taken his Chromebook home for the summer and as a new parent that never had to deal with laptops at our old school, I assumed restrictions would be kept on the computer at all times. This wasn’t the case (ok, my bad). Two weeks before freshman year, I started all of the school prepping, … Continue reading Technology Restriction Concerns

Disgusted Parent

As a former Perrysburg student, I faced extreme difficulty in my own education (thanks to guidance counselors who wouldn’t acknowledge my neurodivergent disability and its impact on my ability to learn despite all the medical proof needed from my physicians). I didn’t get the help I needed (but – thank you Mr Duesing for encouraging me and advocating strongly for me and helping 4th grade me to believe in myself.) I also faced extreme bullying issues that went unresolved over a period of 3 years. At the point that the police were offering to my parents to escort me to/from … Continue reading Disgusted Parent

Parent Anxious for Back-to-School

As we near the start of the school year, my anxiety level is high.  Will the school bring back mask mandates?  What about a vaccine mandate?  These questions keep me up at night.  Then, today, it was brought to my attention that the Chromebooks issued to 5th graders and up have a dedicated drop-down box for “LGBTQ Artists”.  I thought the BOE voted that LGBTQIA+ would only be an after-school organization/promotion.  Now it is showing up on fifth grader laptops?  Have fifth graders even gotten “the talk” yet?  Absolutely appalling.  Why is our BOE and administration allowing this type of … Continue reading Parent Anxious for Back-to-School

Parents Unenroll Their Elementary Student

After a year of the SEL pilot program at Woodland Elementary we have decided to unenroll our student in the Perrysburg district schools. Transgender bathroom at the Jr. High, handing out Pride flags to incoming Freshman, students that bark and meow and over the top mandates we have had enough. I would suggest that everyone keep your eyes open or exit these schools. The lack of transparency is inexcusable.

Community Member & Business Owner

As a concerned community member and local business owner, I have attended several Perrysburg School Board meetings in the calendar year of 2021/2022. During ALL of the meetings I have attended, I have never once heard one second of academics discussed in the meetings. What has been discussed are feelings and emotional issues. It has brought me to the sad conclusion that the board focus is strictly on emotions and feelings over academia and that is likely due to the state funding that is being received for these programs. I am now seeing sad results and realities of this forced … Continue reading Community Member & Business Owner

Former Perrysburg Student, Current Resident & Parent

As a Perrysburg resident most of my life, Perrysburg will always be home to me.  You hear from so many others in our nearby suburbs how “lucky we are to have such a great school system” so you just believe it until you actually experience or start researching this concept yourself.  I went to Perrysburg schools K-freshman year and struggled so badly with the bulling and peer pressure up until freshman year that I was blessed enough to finish my high school career at a Toledo private school.  Going from Perrysburg to a private school I was definitely behind when … Continue reading Former Perrysburg Student, Current Resident & Parent

Disappointed Mom, Child being Bullied

This year has been incredibly hard for my family. My child has been bullied by the teacher all year and after phone calls, meetings and emails nothing has been done. My child is also on an IEP that has not been being followed. My heart is broken and I’ve never felt more defeated. We moved to Perrysburg because everyone said they had the best schools. My child has not had a good experience in Perrysburg so I am very disappointed.Having to wear masks and being taught things that don’t belong in the curriculum haven’t helped either.As a mom, I am … Continue reading Disappointed Mom, Child being Bullied

Perrysburg Parent of 5

The 2021-22 school year has been a rough one for our family.  After finally getting everyone back into a routine with in-person learning, we were disheartened to discover that our youngest child was learning about racism in elementary school and that the school counselor was declaring their pronouns.  After talking to more and more parents, we realized we’re not alone.  There are many who feel the same and we’re thankful for those who are paying attention and shining a light on the many things we feel should not be part of our children’s public education.  As a taxpayer, this is the most we’ve ever … Continue reading Perrysburg Parent of 5

Perrysburg Schools Cause Families to Seek Education Elsewhere

While claiming to be inclusive, many are discovering the Perrysburg Public School District stands in direct opposition to conservative families across the community.  Numerous issues over the years led to our family making the decision to pull our children out of public education.  Nonacademic content has taken away from, not added to, our children’s educational experience.  Sexual content, in literature and on screen, is in high school classrooms.  Sexual orientation content is presented districtwide to our children daily in the form of flags, posters, literature and/or film.  Preteens are even asked what pronoun they want to be referred to as, with full administrator … Continue reading Perrysburg Schools Cause Families to Seek Education Elsewhere

Concerned & Frustrated Parent

Perrysburg school’s handling of the COVID Pandemic prompted us to ask questions about what is going on in our children’s classrooms.  Our child informed us they watched a cartoon about gay men and when my child verbally expressed the uncomfortableness of the lesson plan, nothing was done.  We immediately requested a teacher change which was denied for the year, denied for the coming year and denied for our next child coming up to this grade.  Another child of ours was issued a medical mask to wear without our consent, because if they didn’t wear the mask, they would be “written … Continue reading Concerned & Frustrated Parent


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