Who We Are

We are an expanding group of students, parents, teachers and citizens who believe it is our duty and privilege to take a stand, through a unified effort, to ensure our children receive a quality, non-political education with academic curriculum that focuses on rich content, protects their innocence and is free from social and cultural indoctrination. We support the primary right of parents and guardians to direct their child’s education.  We hold our school board, administrators and leaders accountable to their responsibility of making policy and setting standards in accordance with our constitutional rights, parental rights, student rights and our civil liberties.

Our Mission

The mission of Perrysburg Stands Up! is to reclaim a healthy, virtuous, non-political education for our children and to protect the roles and rights of parents, guardians and students within the Perrysburg School District.  We embrace American values, the Constitution and our civil liberties. We aim to educate our community, advocate for our children and join with others who support education over indoctrination.

Who We Serve

We serve parents, guardians, citizens, students and teachers in the Perrysburg community who seek to reclaim the integrity of education in our public school district, who believe a quality education:

  • Acknowledges parents and guardians as having the primary right and responsibility of directing their child’s education.
  • Focuses on achieving excellence in core competencies of Math, English, Reading, Science and History.
  • Reflects a culture that embraces individualistic principles on which America was founded and our US Constitution supports.
  • Is free of political, social and divisive indoctrination.
  • Is managed in a fiscally responsible and transparent way.