Our child attends 4th grade at Frank Elementary School. Like all parents, we see and hear that Perrysburg schools are one of the top 10 schools to attend in Ohio for great education and so on. As our child has attended k-4th grade at Frank, we are starting to see the mindset that the faculty is forcing on our children. This started in first grade when our child was forced to attend counseling at lunch and taught about his “feelings” and how he needs to be open about how he feels about gender, hurt feelings, uncomfortable situations and so on. As a parent, I agree that some aspects of this are okay but so many aspects of this forced counseling did not feel right. It made our child extremely emotional and changed him as an individual. This brings me to my main concerns from last school year and this year. Our child was forced to take a survey on how he would treat others with a different skin color than him after we had opted out. This left him confused because why would he treat anyone differently? He’s a child that sees everyone equally! Finally, this past week, our child came home saying he learned about the awards ceremony in music class and Sam Smith’s performance. As a Christian household, we obviously do not promote worshiping Satan or find humor in it. Our child wasn’t aware of what was being opened to his eyes as it was promoted by the teacher as a great artist and that his music is great. Lastly, I’d like to add that there are now 4th grade girls saying they’re lesbians. I’m all about people having their own beliefs and understand not everyone believes what we do but stop forcing this on our children and making them think these things are okay! This is my experience K-4th grade at Frank Elementary School.