While claiming to be inclusive, many are discovering the Perrysburg Public School District stands in direct opposition to conservative families across the community.  Numerous issues over the years led to our family making the decision to pull our children out of public education.  Nonacademic content has taken away from, not added to, our children’s educational experience.  Sexual content, in literature and on screen, is in high school classrooms.  Sexual orientation content is presented districtwide to our children daily in the form of flags, posters, literature and/or film.  Preteens are even asked what pronoun they want to be referred to as, with full administrator support, giving preference to teachers, in direct and adamant opposition to parental request.  Dark/horror fictitious literature content including mental health issues (i.e. suicide, premeditated murder, etc.) is required reading (and even in film), year after year across many grade levels.  With the 2021-2022 academic year, administrators and faculty imposed more formal and nonconsensual “Social Emotional Learning” or “Whole Child” education including daily lessons and mental/emotional health screenings, taking additional time from academics.  Even the children are asking why they have to be subjected to these sessions, but our administrators and teachers are refusing to listen.  Instead, they are forcing state suggested (not mandated) SEL standards on all children in the district and turning down many parental requests to opt their children out of this content and invasion of privacy.  You are in the right place to join with parents who are rallying together to advocate on behalf of our children!  Educate, not indoctrinate.